Digital Preservation Tutorial – iPres2010 (Austria)

Digital Preservation Tutorial – iPres2010 (Austria)

Do you have lots of content in a repository or content management system?

Are you worried about long term storage and access to this content?

Do you like wine?

If the answer to the first two is yes then attend the Planets and EPrints digital preservation tutorial prior to iPres2010 in Vienna, Austria. If the answer to all three is yes then why aren’t you already registered!

With both projects ending their current phase of investigation into digital preservation this tutorial offers the final and best opportunity in this phase to learn how the resulting products can help you. This is also the only digital preservation tutorial which guides you through the complete preservation process, from identification and classification, to risk analysis, planning and finally action. Along the way we will touch on the key aspects of preservation metadata, the importance of provenance, trust and authenticity. All of this in a one day tutorial where everything is presented through a series of clear user interfaces designed to help with your preservation challenges.

Information about the tutorial, including details on the world leading researchers who will be presenting, can be found on the conference website: From here you can also register for the event which includes the iPres2010 opening reception wine tasting event.

Workshop Details

Where: Vienna University of Technology
When: Sunday, September 19th 2010

Topics Covered

  • Digital preservation overview
  • Bitstream preservation by data replication and distribution
  • File classification and risk analysis using DROID, data registries (including semantic and linked data sources) and your repository
  • Collection gathering for preservation planning
  • Preservation planning in Plato
    • Defining requirements
    • Identifying potential strategies
    • Experimentation
    • Analyzing results
    • Building and validating a preservation plan

  • Putting a plan into action
  • Preserving and managing your preservation plan
  • Provenance, Trust and Authenticity via preservation metadata.