EPrints 3.5 Technology Previews

EPrints 3.5 is being built upon the firm groundwork supplied by 3.4, and as such as we develop new core features, we’ll often be trying them out first on a local version of 3.4.

Our first tech preview is no exception to this.

Faceted Search

Those familiar with EPrints may have also seen our previous faceted search feature. This required the installation of additional system libraries and required some in depth reconfiguring and tuning of EPrints.

EPrints 3.5 will come with our new faceted search, this leverages features of the underlying database, requires no additional system libraries, is more capable and will be enabled out of the box.

Try it out here, on some of our made up content.

A search for items where ‘title’ contains the word ‘day‘ or ‘sea‘, or ‘light‘. Explore all ‘articles‘, or filter by a particular journal for ‘2018‘. Use these as starting points to explore and discover the content.

More on this same topic soon, with boolean searches allowing for more specific and refined searching.