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How do you improve the world’s first and most powerful repository software? Keep innovating.
As the first professional software platform for building high quality OAI-compliant repositories, EPrints is already established as the easiest and fastest way to set up repositories of open access research literature, scientific data, theses, reports and multimedia. EPrints 3 is a major leap forward in functionality, giving even more control and flexibility to repository managers, depositors, researchers and technical administrators.

EPrints 3 is “a significant milestone towards ideal repository software”. Report by Peter Millington and William J. Nixon, Ariadne, issue 50, January 2007

Try out the new features of EPrints 3 online with our demonstration repository, watch feature videos or see a slideshow PDF of the features of the software.

Repository managers
  • Lower the barrier for your depositors while improving metadata quality and the value of your collection.
  • Time saving deposits
  • Import data from other repositories and services
  • Autocomplete-as-you-type for fast data entry
  • Optimised for Google Scholar
  • Works with bibliography managers
  • Works with desktop applications and new Web 2.0 services
  • RSS feeds and email alerts keep you up to date
  • Tightly-managed, quality-controlled code framework
  • Flexible plugin architecture for developing extensions
  • Easily integrate reports, bibliographic listings, author CVs and RSS feeds into your corporate web presence

A better platform for a high quality repository. Backed by a support team with expertise in the research, library and publishing industries, EPrints 3 is the platform for a variety of open source, bespoke and hosted repository solutions.

EPrints is quick to install, easy to configure, and needs minimal maintenance. Once installed, it simply works without fuss. There simply isn’t a contest. – Arthur Sale, University of Tasmania
EPrints is comparatively mature and easier to install, customize and maintain. – Sukhdev Singh and Naina Pandita, OpenMED@NIC
EPrints is the best candidate for a self-configuring solution for institutions wanting to set up and host their own repository. – Richard Wyles, et al., Open Access Repositories in New Zealand
Our repository user requirements told us that we needed to go beyond the simple customisation of EPrints. We tendered for development work and found there was nowhere better than EPrints Services to do the job. They’ve helped us understand the strengths of EPrints and are delivering functionality that matches our needs. – University of Lincoln
EPrints has allowed us to put our research output online and make it easily discoverable with a minimum effort on the part of our researchers. The implementation of EPrints a few years ago started as a interesting minor project. It has quickly become one of our institution’s core systems. – University of Tasmania
Napier University repository selection committee members were unanimous in deciding to adopt EPrints software and services, since no other commercial supplier offered such an adaptable range of software fields and user friendly software. The ease of document deposit, together with range of search possibilities is superb. Moreover, the detailed specification and software development phases have been handled by EPrints staff with great personal care and understanding. – Napier University
We’ve been really happy with the service provided by EPrints Services – throughout the implementation process everyone has been amazingly helpful. They have given us lots of advice and made dozens of changes without even a whimper of complaint. They are very patient with our questions and accommodating with our requirements. The whole service has exceeded my expectations and I would have no qualms about recommending EPrints Services to any institution contemplating a new repository. – Northampton University
EPrints provided a flexible platform allowing us to adapt the software to suit our requirements in a short period of time. The support provided by the EPrints Services team was invaluable as they were able to understand our individual requirements as an institution. Members of the team have visited the OU campus to run very useful training and promotional events on a number of occasions. The support of the EPrints team has helped us move the institutional repository project forward swiftly, efficiently and successfully. – The Open University