Working with Jisc

Working with Jisc

We have been working closely with Jisc on a number of activities this year.


Following funding from Jisc, the ‘ORCID Support Advance’ Bazaar plugin is under development*. With the original ‘ORCID Support’ providing repositories with the basic infrastructure for storing and displaying ORCIDs, the ‘Advance’ version builds on this. It allows users to connect their ORCIDs and import works from, as well as update their user and activity information in their profile.

The ‘ORCID Support Advance’ plugin represents the continuing efforts to pull development efforts together from a range of repositories across the community. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Stiles and the community for their contributions.
The ‘ORCID Support Advance’ plugin will be released very soon.


* Since writing this post, the ORCID Support Advance plugin has been released and is being rolled out.

Duplication Checker (Issues2 plugin)

This new package helps repository administrators find duplicate records by examining their metadata.
The Duplication Checker is as an alternative to the existing Issues tool, and has a simplified interface and more intuitive search.

The Duplication Checker is now on the Bazaar for all to use. Contact us if you would like to know more.
Our thanks goes to Alison Sutton for trialling this for us.


REF CC / Reporting Framework

The latest versions of the “REF Compliance Checker” and the “Generic Reporting Framework” Bazaar plugins are now available to all!

Not only will the reports now be more informative, they can also be generated via search forms allowing for more finely tuned reporting. Extra export options are now available too, helping to highlight the information you need to get things ready for REF.

Special thanks must go to our beta testers (York St John University, Keele University, University of Gloucestershire and University of West London) who provided invaluable feedback during the development of these updates, we’ll be in touch with all our customers shortly to arrange the roll-out.


Publications Router

We have continued to improve integration between EPrints and the Publications Router
Allowing for more content to be aggregated to the institutional repositories who have a vested interest in the given research outputs.
And thus furthering their all important REF2021 agenda.