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    We at EPrints Services are still here to support our customers and community during these strange times.
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  • Welcome to EPrints

    Welcome to the home of EPrints, the world-leading open-source digital repository platform. Developed at the University of Southampton, EPrints has been providing stable, innovative repository services across the academic sector and beyond for over 15 years.

  • Roadmap updates

    Want to know what we are up to? See our updated technical roadmaps.

  • EPrints 3.4

    We are very pleased to announce that EPrints 3.4 is now available.

  • Powered by EdShare?

    Are you familiar with the growing number of open educational resources repositories that are powered by EdShare?

EPrints for Publications

EPrints has been leading innovation in the Open Access movement over the past 15 years. EPrints provides a set of mature ingest, preservation, dissemination and reporting services for your institution’s OA needs.

EdShare – EPrints for Open Education

Building on the success of the educational content sharing platform EdShare, EPrints can supply a flexible platform to support your staff and students in engaging with open education practices.

Research Data

Whether an institutional research data repository or a bijou showcase of a single dataset, EPrints has a proven track-record in providing Research Data services across the academic sector and beyond.

EPrints for Dataset Showcases

We have leveraged the EPrints platform to supply a flexible framework to present and preserve the research output from your project.

EPrints for Social Media

The Tweepository package turns EPrints into a powerful social media tool, providing harvesting, archiving and visualisation services for ephemeral social media data. Flexible export formats allow easy integration with network analysis packages such as NodeXL and Gephi.

EPrints for REF2021

Building on the success of our REF2014 package, we are working with partners to deliver repository extensions and services to aid UK higher education institutions’ preparation and submission to the Research Excellence Framework in 2021. Please check this page regularly for updates on how we are supporting your repository with REF2021 The REF Support Plugin The REF Support plugin has been designed to support your REF2021 submission and is now being rolled out to customers who hold the REF Support package. If you do not yet have this dedicated support package please contact info@services.eprints.org This plugin provides the following key features: Benchmarks – ability to conduct one or more trial runs