EPrints for REF2021

Building on the success of our REF2014 package, we are working with partners to deliver repository extensions and services to aid UK higher education institutions’ preparation and submission to the Research Excellence Framework in 2021.

Please check this page regularly for updates on how we are supporting your repository with REF2021

The REF Support Plugin

The REF Support plugin has been designed to support your REF2021 submission and is now being rolled out to customers who hold the REF Support package. If you do not yet have this dedicated support package please contact info@services.eprints.org

This plugin provides the following key features:
Benchmarks – ability to conduct one or more trial runs of your submission as well as the final run.
Assign UoA Champions – assign champions to oversee allocated units so they can check and verify submissions as well as submit on behalf of others.
REF1 Profile Information – create an enhanced profile to generate the REF1 report.
Identify REF2 Outputs – individual staff taking part in the REF submission may select their outputs for submission, providing additional key information for the panel to consider.
REFCC integration – the compliance indicator from the REF Compliance Checker is shown when selecting outputs.
Record REF4 Data – store data about degrees awarded and research income for each unit of assessment.

A REF Support demo site is available for EPrints Services customers where you can try out the plugin for yourself.  Please get in touch and we will provide you with details and a login account.

A user guide for the REF Support plugin can be found here.

Our REF Support Package

Installation of the REF Support plugin, updates and support for general REF related activities does not fall within our regular repository support contract.  Following on from the well received support package for REF2014, we are offering both customers and the wider community a dedicated REF Support package.

The REF Support package will mean that you are prioritised to received the REF Support plugin as well as any future updates.  You will also be prioritised to receive other REF specific tools and their updates such as the REF Compliance Checker plugin. Configuration of the plugins as well as technical advice is also covered.

If you do not wish to take up this support package, you will be able to install the plugins yourself when they are released more widely later in the year.  If you require REF Support outside the package, this will subject to our standard daily rate.

REF Compliance Checker Plugin (REFCC)

Version 1.4 is now available and is being rolled out to customers who hold the REF Support package.  This update includes support for:

  • A new deposit exception: “output was not deposited within three months of acceptance date, but was deposited within three months of the earliest date of publication”
  • Items accepted before April 2016 compliant by default.

Customers who are on version 1.3 will receive an update to 1.4 in due course.