ORCID Support

We are pleased to announce the release of a new EPrints Bazaar plugin – ORCID Support – offering the groundwork for future ORCID integration with EPrints.

The plugin arrives in the wake of Liz Jennings’ and Helen Cooper’s report, “ORCID EPrints Implementation Survey Analysis”,  the “ORCID API and use case workshop: Jisc UK consortium member’s event” held in Birmingham earlier this month, and the subsequent hackday.

At present, ORCID Support offers basic ORCID integration, adding new fields to user profiles and to EPrint fields such as Creators or Editors. In keeping with the community’s request we’ve aimed to keep this configurable so the field is only added to the fields where desired.

The new fields are ORCID aware, allowing the values entered to be displayed as links to ORCID profile pages, and check the contents of the field to ensure a valid ORCID has been entered.

Along with these new fields, ORCID Support provides a report (made available via the Generic Reporting Framework) highlighting which users do and do not have an ORCID attached to their user profile – a feature added by popular request following the community’s discussion at the ORCID API and use case workshop.

ORCID Support is currently a work in progress and we will be looking to add further functionality in due course. If you would like to contribute towards the plugin please feel free to contact us.  Many thanks to John Salter for already making some contributions!