Welcome to EPrints 3.5

EPrints 3.5 represents the next major step forwards for the EPrints platform.

This release focuses on a number of internal changes to allow EPrints to grow, and a some exciting user-facing changes.

The user interface has been reworked, now boasting Bootstrap integrated into the default theme. This allows greater flexibility, while offering a clean, responsive and accessible interface. Incorporating add-ons from 3.4, 3.5 inherits an intuitive panelled page layout and richer document previews. It also introduces summary page embedded PDFs to allow for in-page reading.

Search has been overhauled, adding natively supported guided/faceted searching, as well as presenting the search results in a single ‘infinite scroll’ rather than paginated view.

Under the covers, page templates and Screens are now easier to create and maintain.

Installation can now be automated, making development and testing easier, and HTTPS can now be set up at install time.

Release status:

EPrints 3.5 is currently in closed beta, we are working hard to make it a public beta before heading on to release.

Where can I see it?

To try out some of the features, head over to our demo.