EPrints Examples

EPrints can be aligned with your Institution’s look and feel. It can be adapted to suit your research activities. And can be tuned to make it just how you need it to be.

One size does not fit all.

Victoria University Research Repository

Victoria University is large research active university based in Melbourne Australia.

More info on VU here.

It has been using EPrints to share its research outputs online since 2009, amassing over 31,000 public records.

Each research output is presented along with details of its creators, citation counts and links other related resources.  The pages are responsive and in keeping with the main VU website.

UCA Research Online

The University for the Creative Arts are a vibrant university based in London, UK.

UCA has a long history of producing research outputs in a variety of forms.   They have used EPrints to represent this online since 2007.

The design of UCA’s repository needs to have the imagery front and centre.  It also needs to be responsive without compromising the visual impact.


The University of Central Lancashire, UK.

UCLan uses EPrints for both its research outputs and to publicise its research data outputs.  EPrints can support raw datafiles as well as the more traditional ones.

Each dataset has its own page, describing its features, giving details of each file and links to other associated resources.  Larger datasets can be held within the repository or kept elsewhere with a public page describing the details along with the process of requesting access.

EdShare at Glasgow

University of Glasgow have long been avid users of EPrints for research outputs through to thesis archives and recording research Impact.  Their use of EdShare is no exception.

EPrints can be used to share Educational objects too. Our EdShare flavour is used at a number of institutions to share teaching and learning resources more broadly.

EdShare resources can be presented to be read or watched in place. Presentations can be paged through, or videos watched.  These resources can be downloaded individually or wholesale.  Video can be embedded elsewhere easily with the supplied include codes.

Try EPrints for yourself!

Take a look round our demonstration install of EPrints for Publications.

Browse the content or register as a user or editor.  See how your content looks.

Let us know what you think.

Each record on our example is divided locally into panels for the different aspects of page.  These can be folded away, rearranged or replaced, depending on what you need from EPrints.