Improvements to the REF CC reports

Improvements to the REF CC reports

We are pleased to announce a minor update to the REF Compliance Checker plugin with some valuable improvements to help institutions track and report on compliance.

This includes:

  • Item ID and Compliance columns have been added to the CSV report export to indicate the EPrint ID and a ‘Y’ or ‘N’ value to confirm whether or not the record is REF compliant
  • The ‘REF Compliance – Exception’ reports now no longer display non-compliant records in green, incorrectly suggesting compliance.  Both non-compliant and exceptions records are now displayed in red
  • A fix to the automatic embargo length calculation when the embargo length was not an exact number of months
  • A fix to the reports that resulted in the “If the output (full text) is made open access by <date> it will become compliant.” message not displaying correctly

The latest version (1.1.1) of the REF Compliance Checker plugin is now available from the Bazaar.

This update will be rolled out to all EPrints Services hosted customers shortly.