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[EP-tech] Google Scholar Help

Hello All,

Still seem to be having serious problems with this, after advice from this
group I did fix the sitemap.xml file and have re-registered our site with
Scholar, nothing happened, I then added the site to the google webmasters
search dashboard, and the site is now being indexed - although at the
current rate it will take over 10 years to index the pages.

I have added the site to OpenDOAR and the OpenArchives site but we are
still only having intermittent records showing on Google Scholar.

I have taken over our eprints site and am new to this, according to all the
documentation it should happen automatically and we don't have to do
anything but I'm now at a loss as to try and explain to senior people as to
why the publications are not showing on Scholar when they should be...

Any help would be appreciated


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