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[EP-tech] 3.4 Preview

Hi Andrew,

Sounds like your eprints is not running the 3.4 code. Can you double 
check if you are running the epadmin comes with the 3.4 (rather than the 
3.3 one you installed using deb)? You can go to your repository: 
http://yoursite/eprints/  or check the VERSION file in 

Make you you run the epadmin you untar in /opt/eprints3/bin/epadmin.

Let me know

On 18/07/2016 11:08, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Hello all!
> Has anyone got the 3.4 preview working? I?ve been plugging away at it 
> for a while and, while I can get it to build a repository with the 
> usual epadmin create, I can?t get it to recognise the ?publication? or 
> ?zero? condition. Any thoughts? My process is:
> ?Fresh Ubuntu VM
> ?Install EPrints from deb
> ?Download .tar?s for the Preview
> ?Unpack them as per the readme
> So, is there something wrong in my method?
> Andrew
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