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[EP-tech] Error: Could not find plugin Export::JSON


We have an error during PDF upload on page like:

Ajax request to
/cgi/users/ajax/upload_progress?progressid=xxx returns error 500

with error:
EPrints System Error
Could not find plugin Export::JSON

We use following version:

-bash-4.1$ cat VERSION
EPrints 3.3.11 (Bearberry) [Born on 2013-02-08]

Any ideas what could cause this? It is obvious that Export/JSON.pm
cannot be found but Export::JSON is there. Before I start hacking
around, I would like to here whether someone has something similar.

I suppose that this problem was probably always there in our
installation but nobody saw it before.


Mag. Mirza Muharemagic
e: mm at univie.ac.at
gpg: https://homepage.univie.ac.at/mm/mm.gpg