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[EP-tech] eprints links are including filesystem paths

NOTE: **I haven't tried the process below (be careful!)**
You might want to test the sequences below before trying them on the live server, or at least take a copy of all the config files (<eprints_root>/archives/<archiveid>/cfg) as a backup.

When the archive was created, the script
<eprints_root>/bin/epadmin create
would have been run. This configures parts of the repository, one of which is the URL path the repository lives at.
The question asked during this process is:
"Please enter the path part of the repository's base URL. This should probably be '/'."

I think this was answered with '/usr/share/eprints3/data/' - the location on the disk, rather than the URL you wanted.

The value is saved into the archive config, in:

The line:
$c->{http_root} = '/usr/share/eprints3/data/';
Could be changed to:
$c->{http_root} = undef;

After doing this you will need to update the apache conf:

You will need to re-start Apache to make the change live.

You will probably also want to:
Generate the static pages:
<eprints_root>/bin/generate_static <archiveid>
And possibly generate the abstract pages:
<eprints_root>/bin/generate_static <archiveid>

If your repository has been running for a while like this, you might want to deal with requests for the URLs with ?/usr/share/eprints3/data/? in them by redirecting them (I can show you how).


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For examples

This is what it likes when I click on the HOME ink


And this is for search


and so on an so on, my links include /usr/share/eprints3/data/.........

I see other eprints sites does not have such problem, how to fix that?
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