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[EP-tech] Re: Edit 'Latest Additions' page


Thanks for the help everyone.  Is it possible to have it show the full date of the submission as the section title, rather than just the day?  We're going back 6 months so a proper date is needed.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Edit 'Latest Additions' page

Hi Mike,

The code that is called is ~/cgi/latest


Instead of editing the copy there, make a copy:



Look for the line:

my $date = time() - 86400 * 7; # 7 days

you can change that to suit.

You’ll also need to change the line that starts:

for( my $d=0; $d<7; ++$d )

- which steps through the number of days and creates a section for each one.


There is also the ~/cgi/latest_tool script.

This reads the ‘latest_tool_modes’ from the archive config, which my default is in ~/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/latest_tool.pl

You can do some useful things with this – as it allows you to specify a specific citation style to use, and to create a named mode that can be a filtered subset of items – e.g. you could create a subject- or division-specific ‘latest’ list – and create a citation style that embeds Altmetrics in it.








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Subject: [EP-tech] Edit 'Latest Additions' page




Can someone point me to where I can edit the 'Latest Additions' to configure it go back further in time?