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[EP-tech] Re: Bulk export/import

Ian and Andrew,

I think that one can import/export specific entries -if I'm not mistaken-, but I'm not exactly sure about the syntax. If it allows for ranges, the 100.000 entries problem may be addressed by just splitting the export/import process to more than one export/import operations. I have used this syntax to select specific eprints, but my syntax was something like the following:

./bin/export archid archive XML 114 115 116 117 > /tmp/export1

which would seem very peculiar if it would have to be used for thousands of records (I assume args would overflow!:)). Nonetheless, on the worst case where ranges are not allowed, the former syntax could be used successfully within a very carefully written script.

On 01/07/2015 06:37 μμ, Ian Stuart wrote:
On 01/07/15 15:25, Andrew Beeken wrote:
Hello all!

I’m currently looking at migrating our repository to a fresh install,
mainly because we have a bit of customisation to our live repo and I
want to see how this process would affect the integrity of the data.
Is there an easy way of importing all records from one repository,
say to an XML file and then importing to the new one?
In general (and as George says) the XML-with-files export is the way to go.

I discovered it falls over with 100,000 records, so I just copied the
database & attached a new eprints to it :D

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