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[EP-tech] Re: load throttling strategy

The best is to check the system load in the build page plugin/module, 
wait some seconds, and then go.

Is there some documentation somewhere on Eprints strategies on views 
page rebuilds?

Il 16/12/2014 09:12, Ian Stuart ha scritto:
> On 15/12/14 15:42, Yuri wrote:
>> Il 15/12/2014 16:35, Ian Stuart ha scritto:
>>> I bet he's suffering the problem I had: Google loads a 'view' page,
>>> which has hit it's "out of date" time so rebuilds.
>>> In the mean time, another httpd catches the next google page load, which
>>> has also hit its "out of date" time, so spawns ANOTHER page rebuild.
>> doesn't eprints see it is already rebuilding?
> It would, if it were the same page.... but if its another "view" page
> (eg: view/creator/Ian_Stuart.html verses view/creator/yuri.html verses
> view/creator/seb.html )