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[EP-tech] Re: Change EPrint field type.


Hola Brian, 

You should be able to change it directly to "id" and run epadmin
update_database_structure - it will be the no-op since "text" and "id"
have the same db field definition. (in fact if you look at the source
code, you'll see that "text" is a special case of "id"). 

Also.. in doubt, back up your DB before making the change. 


On 09.12.2014 19:03, Brian D. Gregg wrote: 

> All, 
> We have an EPrint field that we intended to use to hold ORCIDs originally defined as 'type' => 'text' and we have done so and thus we have data in the fields already. 
> The problem is that an advanced search for an ORCID ID will return more than just the exact ORCID ID due to the fuzzy matching imposed on a 'text' field. I was advised to change this to 'type' => 'id' to force the advanced search to use exact matching. 
> My question is how can I change this field to 'type' => 'id' including any database changes if they are needed (we are using MySQL)? Obviously we edit the eprint_fields.pl file and change the definition, but what if anything else needs to be done on the database backend to accommodate this change? 
> Any help would be appreciated. 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Brian. 
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