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[EP-tech] OAI2 deleted vs destroyed records

Hi Alan,

If previously live records have been completely removed rather than 
retired then you can expect bad things to happen.? If there is a 
specific privacy issue that means the record cannot even been retained 
in a restricted form (retired), then removing may be the only option.? 
However, the need for this should be vanishingly small and therefore 
issues like you describe with Primo should be few a far between and may 
require manual intervention.

The error code idDoesNotExist is deliberately returned by EPrints OAI 
interface when a record is removed, as in effect the record never 
existed.? All I can suggest is that Primo should treat getting back 
idDoesNotExist the same as getting back an item that is marked as 
deleted.? Obviously, you may want to be a bit more careful about what to 
do when getting back idDoesNotExist, in case there is some error in the 
request that mangles the ID so it cannot be found.? I have no idea how 
Primo could be configured to do this but as far as I can tell EPrints is 
behaving as it should; reporting completely removed items as not 
existing whereas retired items are reported as 'Deleted'.


David Newman

On 15/04/2021 15:27, Alan.Stiles via Eprints-tech wrote:

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> Hi all,
> I feel like there was a discussion about this here a year or two ago 
> but I can?t find it now.
> Records in our repository that get flagged as deleted show up in the 
> OAI feed as ?Deleted?, but records that get completely removed 
> (destroyed) show up as error code ?idDoesNotExist?.
> It appears that Primo (our library search product) isn?t doing 
> anything about updating records from the feed (configured within Primo 
> to explicitly harvest our repository), at least where it?s getting the 
> error response.
> Any clues as to whether this is a Primo problem or my problem to sort out?
> Cheers,
> Alan
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