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[EP-tech] DOI Minting

Hi James,

yes the trigger is the EP_TRIGGER_STATUS_CHANGE one, so from what you say that won't be happening.

I guess options would be

a)  to use a more general trigger like EP_TRIGGER_AFTER_COMMIT and then check the status of the item and whether there is already a DOI in place etc etc etc... though you may end up with a lot more logic to do?

b) you could enable the action_coin plugin in the z_datacitedoi.pl and then go and press the "Coin DOI" button in the UI. I guess that would be a drag if you have more than a handful of Theses to process.

Maybe there's a c) out there without any downsides?



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Hi All,

I'm currently going through the process of uploading a load of digitised theses.

I've managed to write scripts to create the EPrints friendly metadata and altered the bin/import script to slurp up a load of XML files and do the deposits for me.

I'm having trouble getting the DOIs to mint on deposit (datacite) and to get my twitter bot to send tweets upon deposit (my own Frankenstein's monster of a script).

Usually these scripts are triggered when an item moves from the review to the live archive. The digitised theses items are going straight into the live archive which I guess is why they aren't being triggered.

Does anybody have any helpful advice on this?

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