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[EP-tech] New release 1.9.1 of eprints2bags

A new version of eprints2bags is now available.  In addition to fixing a 
couple of minor issues, version 1.9.1 adds more features to the debug 
flag and for the first time is available from PyPI to make installation 


Eprints2bags extracts records and documents from an EPrints server and 
creates BagIt-style "bags" out of them (optionally creating ZIP archives 
of the result). Originally, our group developed it in order to prepare 
for annual deposition of our EPrints server content into a dark archive 
for long-term preservation, but then we kept adding features, and now 
eprints2bags is a more general EPrints-to-bag kind of utility. Perhaps 
it will be useful for other people for similar or other purposes.

Bug reports and other issue reports are welcome. Please use the GitHub 
issue tracker. I can't promise to have time to do address issue reports, 
but I promise to read them, at least.

Mike Hucka, Ph.D. -- mhucka at caltech.edu -- 
California Institute of Technology