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[EP-tech] EPrints/Elements Merge Problems

Hi All,

This may be a question for the Symplectic list, but on the off-chance
anybody has experienced similar problems... Has anybody had trouble with
merging records in Elements and the result in EPrints being a complete mess?

A record was merged recently and the results in EPrints are two documents
in the same folder on the server (where the file download link points two).

For example, there is usually one file per bottom level directory:

Dir 01 = file1.pdf
Dir 02 = file2.pdf

and so on.

I'm getting:

Dir 01 = file1.pdf, file2.pdf
Dir02 = file3.pdf

Also the files showing Elements seem to be duplicating themselves and keeps
changing to "deposit incomplete" Always one more of the duplicated file in
Elements than is appearing in EPrints.

I know I can tidy this up in EPrints, but I'd like to stop it happening

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