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[EP-tech] ScreenProcessor.pm and Admin Screen Messages

Hi All,

I have a button on the admin screen that does something when clicked. Then at the top of the screen a message appears upon completion to provide a url for the user to follow (or that is the plan). It usually present a plain text message, but I want a clickable link. At the moment users would need to copy the message text and paste it into the address bar.

At the moment I can have either text or a link that can't be seen or clicked, but shows up when you inspect the page.


Here is my code that I've adapted (only the bit in bold is really relevant):

sub add_result_message
        my( $self, $ok ) = @_;

        if( $ok )
                #$self->{processor}->add_message( "message",
                        #$self->html_phrase( "aam_link" ) );
#$self->{repository}->make_text( "Please go to www.google.co.uk to access the AAM Updates.")
#my $messagelink =
my $uri = "www.google.co.uk";
$self->{processor}->add_message( "message",
$self->{session}->render_link( $uri ))

Is there a way that I can alter this to show a clickable text link or am I going to need to go further down the EPrints Rabbit Hole? My alternative approach is to alter render_messages in ScreenProcessor.pm, but I don't really want to do that and I also don't know how to make a local archive copy of this file either as it's a few levels up from the plugins directory.

Any suggestions or alternative approaches are very welcome.