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[EP-tech] Disabling/hiding email field in eprint form

Hello Stefan,

we've had the same problem and approach as you. We disabled the id
subfield and removed it from the lookup. However, be aware that this
might break plugins or other functions that use or require the id
subfield. In that case you would have to adapt each plugin to not
require the field, meaning having to find workarounds and having to
maintain the modified code.

Maybe the simplest approach would be to just hide the id-field with a JS
file placed in your archive under /cfg/static/javascript/auto/. See here
for our example:

Best regards
Dennis M?ller
Universit?tsbibliothek Mannheim
Digitale Bibliotheksdienste

Schloss Schneckenhof West
68131 Mannheim
Tel.: 0621 / 181-3023
E-Mail: dennis.mueller at bib.uni-mannheim.de