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[EP-tech] non working DataciteDoi plugin (Recollect installed)


 ?I'm using Recollect Plugin together with DataCiteDoi, both from 
bazaar, Eprints 3.3.15

 ?I'm wondering how this plugin can work. It totally misses, for 
example, contributors which are *mandatory* for Datacite MDS v4. When 
calling the MDS api, I get:

The content of element 'resource' is not complete. One of 
"http://datacite.org/schema/kernel-4":fundingReferences}' is expected.

I also had to comment out the "type" mapping in 
lib/cfg.d/z_datacite_mapping.pl because it got inserted on the top (*). 
Luckly, Recollect has a "data_type" which get correctly mapped on 

|<resourceType resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset">Dataset</resourceType>|

So, I need some help if you've been able to make it work, I'm a little 

(*) another issue is the order of the field, given by:

foreach my $field ( $dataobj->{dataset}->get_fields) in 

Being it a standard with known fields, to avoid errors, shouldn't be it 
a fixed and ordered list of fields?

(**) Also, isn't the test server test.mds.datacite.org and not 
test.datacite.org/mds? If so, the z_datacitedoi.pl can be updated with 
the correct url?