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[EP-tech] Front End/JacaScript


It's me again (sorry). I'm trying to get to grips with the EPrints front end this week.

I've managed to find (hopefully) all of the autoloading _javascript_ and CSS files and managed to make a couple of my own in my repository directories.

I was looking today at how these boxes work (any collapse/expand box in EPrints):


When I inspect the "+" symbol in chrome it takes me to an element with this:

<a class="ep_box_collapse_link" _onclick_="EPJS_blur(event); EPJS_toggleSlideScroll('ep_summary_box_5254_content',false,'ep_summary_box_5254');EPJS_toggle('ep_summary_box_5254_colbar',true);EPJS_toggle('ep_summary_box_5254_bar',false);return false" href="" alt="+" src="" border="0"> CORE (COnnecting REpositories)</a>

A quick google points me to this file in Eprints:


Can anybody advise me, or point me to some guidance, on how I would alter the behaviour of this piece of _javascript_? I'm not certain, but I'm about 99% sure that I don't edit Box.pm at this location.

This isn't particularly urgent, I'm just trying to learn how it works.