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[EP-tech] Making editors browsable

HI Sarah,
In the EPRINTS_ROOT]/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/views.pl file, find the 'creators' view (id => 'creators').
Within this view definition, in the 'menus' array, you should have something like:
fields => [ "creators_name" ],

If you change this to
fields => [ "creators_name", "editors_name" ],
and then regenerate the creators view:
EPRINTS_ROOT/bin/generate_views ARCHIVEID --view creators
you might have what you need (although you'll nor have the problem of what to call the view - 'Creators and Editors'?).


PS You might also want to use ORCIDs to create a view...
fields => ["creators_orcid", "editors_orcid"],

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Hi all,

Sorry, yet another basic question!

Is there a way that I can make edited items appear in my Browse by Author list?

Thank you.


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