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Re: [EP-tech] RIOXX2 question

Figured this out and got the mapping working with our license data now! Thanks!


I am having a problem with the mapping on version now, however – it looks like it wants to derive this from a value called “content”, however I want to derive this from a document field called “stage”. I’ve tried reconfiguring the function to work in the same way as the license function, however this is throwing an error. Any thoughts on this?


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Ah, so it’s passing our local value through a filter to make it compliant with RIOXX? That sounds like something that could come back to bite us if we’re just storing our local value. I’ll take a look into that further…


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I think RIOXX has a controlled vocabulary for licenses, and ‘license_map’ is a lookup table to convert your local license captions into ones that RIOXX recognises.  I guess you could extend the lookup table to cover whatever values you are using. 


This is just from memory of looking at the RIOXX code a few weeks ago – feel free to shoot me down.




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Subject: [EP-tech] RIOXX2 question


Hey all,


Currently configuring the RIOXX2 plugin and I hit an issue with the code that derives the license from the record. I’ve resolved it but I wanted to check to see if there was any problem with the way that I resolved it, as I’m not 100% sure what the original code was trying to do. The problem seemed to come from these lines:


my $license = $document->repository->config( "rioxx2", "license_map", $document->value( "license" ) );

return { undef } unless $license;


Which was always returning undef. I tweaked it to:


my $license = $document->value( "license" );

return { undef } unless $license;


Which returns the actual license and gives me an entry in RIOXX, however – is the $document->repository->config… part of the original line doing something specific that the corrected version is not that could cause me problems further down  the line?






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