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[EP-tech] REF Compliance Checker report Heading

Good Afternoon

We are running eprints 3.3.12 with REF Compliance Checker v1.3 and Generic Reporting Framework v2.0 (and other plugins) installed

Under the version history of the Compliancy Checker at https://wiki.eprints.org/w/REF_CC it says for v1.3

  *   Option to include 'will become compliant' records in report headline figure (Generic Reporting Framework v2.0 prerequisite).

Does this mean the heading can be changed to something different to ?xx outputs - yy% compliance? ?

Something like ?xx outputs ? yy% compliance ? zz% will be come compliant?

If so, how?

I can see where the text is generated in ./eprints/lib/static/javascript/auto/reports.js but not where any parameters/options are passed in

I suspect I may be reading the line on the wiki incorrectly, apologies if I am!


Lee Paton
Cardiff University

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