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Re: [EP-tech] UserID's on import

Yeah, I’m not ready to import files yet! Just building my method and making sure the metadata is intact on import. I’ll use the more granular method of importing for the time being.


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Everyone's quick off the mark today :o)


Just thought a little more explanation might be useful:

The migration option /is/ possibly what you want, but will set the following (from the source of bin/import):

if( $migration )


        $force = 1;

        $enable_file_imports = 1;

        $enable_web_imports = 1;

        $enable_import_fields = 1;



Understanding the effect of these options before using '--migration' is advised!






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Use the –migration flag.  It’ll preserve IDs and other things that need preserving.


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Subject: [EP-tech] UserID's on import


Hello all!


Still working on my EPrints migration. I’m trying to import an XML file with user details contained, however I’m hitting a bit of a stumbling block – the import seems to be wanting to assign the users their own ID rather than use the one that is in the XML file which means that certain relationships between users and records seem to be out of sync. Is this a thing or am I imagining it? Is there a command on the import I need to include that I’m perhaps missing? Any thoughts would be most welcome!



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