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[EP-tech] REF CC plugin V.1.1.1. - Define item types for REF CC plugin

Thanks very much John

In the case of Conference Proceedings, this is the aim that this Item Type only includes items that are in scope of the HEFCE OA Policy.  Then we would remove Conference Item from the REF CC, as we would then only use this for conference papers presented at a conference (so not in scope).  Articles is slightly different, this currently includes some items that are not in scope - e.g. Book Reviews and Newspaper Articles.  So I would be interested in the additional work you are doing, once it is released,  to extend this to more tightly define what is in and out of scope within our Articles Item Type.

Best wishes,


Annette Moore
Acquisitions and Metadata Librarian

The Library
University of Sussex

T:01273 877046
E:a.moore at sussex.ac.uk

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Hi Annette,
Will you have clearly defined item types that are in- and out-of- scope?

If so, in a new config file e.g.
Add thie following:
$c->{hefce_oa}->{item_types} = ['article', 'conference_item', 'conference_proceeding'];

-          Including all the item types you want to consider in-scope (the default only has 'article' and 'conference_item').

If not, I've done some preliminary work to extend this so you can more tightly define what is in- and out-of- scope e.g. "an article OR a conference_item, that has an ISSN", but this hasn't been released yet.

Out of interest, do you read the documentation here: http://eprintsug.github.io/hefce_oa/? It currently doesn't provide the answer, but could/should be updated with the details.


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Subject: [EP-tech] REF CC plugin V.1.1.1. - Define item types for REF CC plugin


We are about to create a new Item Type on SRO for published Conference Proceedings (either ISBN or ISSN)  but I am aware we will need to include the REF CC tab for  compliance checking.  My understanding is that this is possible to do from REF CC v.1.1.0.
We currently have v.1.1.1. installed.  Is this a straight forward process to configure REF CC to check compliance on a new Item type (and remove from Conference Items)? If anyone has experience of this, could you point me in the right direction for configuring REF CC?

Best wishes,


Annette Moore

Acquisitions and Metadata Librarian

Library Building
University of Sussex

T: 01273 877046
E: a.moore at sussex.ac.uk<mailto:a.moore at sussex.ac.uk>
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