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[EP-tech] [3.3.15] How to define the path in a pin?

Hi Eprinters,

I am configuring a view and I want to display something only in a certain
condition. The logic solution would be to use a pin I think. I can think of
three methods:
1) a test in the template
<epc:if test="current_path eq '/views/1'" >
   <div class="view_1" />
2) a test in a dynamic_template
    <epc:pin ref="view1" />
    and then in the dynamic_template.pl
    $c->{dynamic_template}->{function} = sub {
        my( $repository, $parts ) = @_;
        if ( current_path() eq "/views/1" ) {
            my $xml = $repository->xml();
            my $div = $xml->create_element( "div", class => "view_1");
            $parts->{view1} = $div;
3) a test in phrase? does this really works?

obviously I have been unable to make any of these works, do you have any

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