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[EP-tech] Import Error in .mrc file

Dear All,

I configured Vufind and Solr successfully but when I import .mrc file, I am
getting the following lines and also not getting any resutl.

Any assistance in this regard will be great help.

?ERROR [main] (MarcImporter.java:382) - ******** Halting indexing! ********
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:615) -  Adding 0 of 1820 documents to index
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:616) -  Deleting 0 documents from index
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:490) - Calling commit (with optimize set to
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:502) - Done with the commit, closing Solr
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:505) - Setting Solr closed flag
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:625) - Finished indexing in 0:05.00
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:634) - Indexed 0 at a rate of about 0.0 per
 INFO [main] (MarcImporter.java:635) - Deleted 0 records
 INFO [Thread-1] (MarcImporter.java:565) - Starting Shutdown hook
 INFO [Thread-1] (MarcImporter.java:584) - Finished Shutdown hook

root at localhost:/usr/local/vufind#

DP Tripathi
NIT Rourkela
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