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[EP-tech] Re: Apache segfault

Hi Richard,

It would be good if you could provide the relevant apache logs. 
Moreover, if you uninstall the packages you mentioned you installed 
yesterday, does apache work OK? In the link you provided it's talking 
about the expat library and I'm not sure the packages you've mentioned 
are related to that. Nonetheless, what the link implies as a solution 
(*IF* this is your problem), is to install apache through sources so as 
to remove the double-linking with lib-expat.


On 25/09/2015 12:03 ??, Richard Jones wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I think that I'm experiencing this error:
> http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Troubleshooting#Apache_Crashes_with_a_segmentation_fault
> Yesterday I installed libxml-libxml-perl and libxml-libxslt-perl to 
> fix a problem with XSLT crosswalks not being loaded, and now I'm 
> unable to restart apache.
> I installed apache2 on my ubuntu system via the aptitude (so, not from 
> source), and I installed eprints from source and manually installed 
> the dependencies via aptitude.
> The troubleshooting guide tells me what the problem might be, but 
> doesn't have a fix - does anyone know how to resolve?
> Cheers,
> Richard
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