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[EP-tech] Re: enable-web-imports

Hi Stof,

I?ve not been keeping up with everything in this thread, but I recently
did a bulk import of theses where I imported the files from a web server.
I had to set the enable_web_imports in the plugins.pl


It wouldn?t work for me until I had done this.

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On 25/09/2015 5:20 pm, "cmdt-news at cmdt.ch" <cmdt-news at cmdt.ch> wrote:

>hi adam
>On 24.09.2015 17:48, Field A.N. wrote:
>> I thought the --enable-web-imports just worked, and I've seen it work
>> before, but this was around 6 years ago.  It's always been more
>> trouble than it's worth to me, and my general approach to big jobs
>> like this is to divide the work into steps, and make each step as
>> simple as possible.  Even if that approach seems like more work,
>> you've got far more recoverability and debug-ability in the process.
>you are right but:
>our date migration is done in iteration steps.
>there are first (and still!) a lot of encoding, mapping, ... trouble.
>and the researcher are still adding new publications to the old repo.
>so i like to have an approach where everything is done in ONCE,
>so that we can migrate the data as many time we need, just with one
>> I don't think you should be quoting values inside an XML tag, but you
>> do need to make sure the data is encoded correctly.  The only illegal
>> characters in XML as far as I know are '<' and '&', so I don't know
>> why this would be failing.
>agree but i still do not know how to enable web import:
>403 Access denied by configuration: file imports disabled
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