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[EP-tech] Re: Two New Videos

Setting up SSL index

00:15 creating a self-signed certificate

03:15 move certificates to appropriate deirectory

03:44 configure eprints for SSL

04:44 update apache configuration

05:55 examining an existing eprints SSL configuration

06:50 create eprints SSL config file for the new server

08:05 turn on SSL service on server

08:30 restarting apache - demonstrate problems

09:00 debug certificate config error

09:35 examining the browser response to the self-signed certificate

10:10 explaining the use and concern of self-signed certificates


I’ll wait until you’ve fixed the audio on Tech Orientation (and I have a spare hour!)


Thanks for doing all these videos Adam.




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I've created two new training videos with technical content:



Any volunteers for creating indices (they're 40 (!) and 10 minutes long respectively) and wiki pages?



Adam Field

Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead
EPrints Services


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