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[EP-tech] Re: import_subjects Error Opening file 1

You should check your subjects file.  Alternatively, I believe you can specify explicitly which file to use:

	./bin.import_subjects <archive_id> <filename>


On 6 Mar 2015, at 13:50, pgasinos pgs <pgasinos at gmail.com> wrote:

> When I am trying to import subject file I have a error: 
> ./bin/import_subjects <archive_id>
> Error Opening file 1
> Error Opening file 1
> Error Opening file 1
> Are you sure you want to make bulk changes to the subject table in the <archive_id>
> repository [yes/no] ? 
> The subject file is correct (checked in my test repository). Is there any options to check why this is happening?
> Kostas Pgasinos
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