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[EP-tech] Re: Irstats error after updating my version of eprints (3.2 --> 3.3)


On 12.09.2014 16:09, Jean-Marie Le Bechec wrote: 

> Re Seb,
> I installed irstats (bazaar) and updated 5 files: 
> * process_stats
> * z_irstats2.pl
> * fp_stats
> * set_finder
> * get
> I raised the script (process_stats) without error.
> I have a question: I see usage statistics updated months are much smaller than in previous months. This may be normal, I do not know. This version detects perhaps more robots?

Hmmm I don't recall when this was changed... if that's the case you'll
have to regen it all... not fun, i know... 

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