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[EP-tech] error on indexer


While migrating from 32bit machine to 64 bit machine, we had this error with the indexer on the 64 machine...

Error writing pid file /opt/eprints3/var/indexer.pid: Permission denied at /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Index/Daemon.pm line 107.
Unable to start indexer. You should check the log file in /opt/eprints3/var/indexer.log for more information.

We are not sure how to resolve this. Looks like permission error, but tried changing them, still the problem persists.
Is there anything that we need to do or set? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ariffin Kusetiawan Mukandar
Senior Assistant Information Technology Officer                              |MCSA, MCPD,MCP,Certified Linux Administrator
Research Computational Unit
Research Management Centre
International Islamic University Malaysia
Phone : +603.6196.5455
Responsible || Mindful || Collaborative            [cid:image002.png at 01CF2671.92267EB0] <http://www.facebook.com/rmciium> http://www.facebook.iium.edu.my/rmciium

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