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[EP-tech] Antwort: Re: IRStats 2 and data security

Hi Seb

Thanks for your reply.

For us it is important that all data being sent outside our system -  the 
generated statistics and graphs as well as data being transferred in the 
background, is always aggregated data only without the possibility of 
identifying individual users. Is this guaranteed?


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Hi Clyde,

The following Google Charts are used by IRStats2:

- Area Charts: 

- Column Charts: 

- Combo Charts: 

- Pie Charts: 

These 4 have the same data policy (look at the bottom of each of the pages 
Data Policy
All code and data are processed and rendered in the browser. No data is 
sent to any server.

- Geo Charts: 

That one seems a bit more tricky: 

Note that the Geo map can easily be replaced by a simple table which is 
rendered outside Google Charts. Anyway there's a known issue with EPrints 
3.2 and EPrints 3.3 up to 3.3.9 which prevents the Geo Map to load 
successfully (clash with Prototype v1.7- fixed in 1.7.1).

The way the code generally works is this way:

- browser loads JS library from Google's servers: 
- local JS code instantiates a Chart and feeds it data
- Chart renders data locally.

For info, tables and other bits of IRStats2 (exporters etc) are rendered 
outside Google Charts.

I hope this will help you.

Kind regards,

On 24/06/13 11:43, clyde.cerejo at id.uzh.ch wrote:
Hi all

To the developers of IRStats 2:

In general, as a government organisation we are not allowed to send usage 
data to third parties like Google. Could you please give me exact 
information about which data are being sent to Google/other parties by 
IRStats 2? That way, I could investigate further if we would be legally 
allowed to use IRStats 2.


Best regards
Clyde Cerejo

University of Zurich

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