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[EP-tech] Re: IRStats 2 and data security

Hi Clyde,

The following Google Charts are used by IRStats2:

- Area Charts: 
- Column Charts: 
- Combo Charts: 
- Pie Charts: 

These 4 have the same data policy (look at the bottom of each of the 
pages above):

    Data Policy

All code and data are processed and rendered in the browser. No data is 
sent to any server.

- Geo Charts: 

That one seems a bit more tricky: 

Note that the Geo map can easily be replaced by a simple table which is 
rendered outside Google Charts. Anyway there's a known issue with 
EPrints 3.2 and EPrints 3.3 up to 3.3.9 which prevents the Geo Map to 
load successfully (clash with Prototype v1.7- fixed in 1.7.1).

The way the code generally works is this way:

- browser loads JS library from Google's servers: 
- local JS code instantiates a Chart and feeds it data
- Chart renders data locally.

For info, tables and other bits of IRStats2 (exporters etc) are rendered 
outside Google Charts.

I hope this will help you.

Kind regards,

On 24/06/13 11:43, clyde.cerejo at id.uzh.ch wrote:
> Hi all
> To the developers of IRStats 2:
> In general, as a government organisation we are not allowed to send usage
> data to third parties like Google. Could you please give me exact
> information about which data are being sent to Google/other parties by
> IRStats 2? That way, I could investigate further if we would be legally
> allowed to use IRStats 2.
> Thanks.
> Best regards
> Clyde Cerejo
> University of Zurich
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