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[EP-tech] Re: One document limit in EPrints XML SWORD package format

Thanks Ian.  I implemented a plugin along the lines I was thinking and that works ok. Does yours do else besides removing the document limit?

What's the issue with unzip in 3.2?


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On 13/12/12 02:43, Mark Gregson wrote:
> The EPrintsXML package format in EPrints 3.2 has a hard-coded limit of 
> 1 document to be uploaded, the remainder are discarded.  I'm wondering 
> what the rationale is and whether subclassing the plugin to override 
> the function with the limit and using that as the EPrints XML plugin 
> would introduce problems.

I have written a plugin for 3.2 which accepts any number of documents, with no ill effect

(You will, however, find that the 3.2 SWORD unzip routine is next to


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