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[EP-tech] Redirect loop

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.



I am having what sounds like the identical problem described here:




And I see there is a solution proposed here:




(I just subscribed to this list, otherwise I would reply to the relevant emails)


But I am not sure the above solution will work for me, as I am not using Apache to handle HTTPS/SSL. I am running Eprints in a Docker Container in a Docker Swarm, and using Traefik  to terminate SSL connections for all apps in the swarm.


Any ideas on how I can resolve the seemingly endless redirects (an URL redirecting to itself with a 302 code) whenever I try and go to any URL that starts with /cgi/users ? I can’t move forward with my deployment until this is resolved as users cannot log in.




Dan Tenenbaum

Cloud/HPC Systems Engineer

Scientific Computing / FHCC IT

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Pronouns: He/him