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[EP-tech] Date ordering issue when searching eprints

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.



I’m wondering if anyone else has come across my issue?


Searching for eprints which have a recent date [2023 or 2024], a small portion are showing up at the bottom of the search results when ordering ‘by year (most recent first)’ [or top of list by oldest first] .


This does not happen for all newly added eprints [only 2 of 50 added in the last week are experiencing issue], and I cannot see anything in the DB [eprint table] that would indicate why it is happening.


To resolve the issue for that eprint, I change the date & save it [and then change it back]. Once I do that, performing another search gives the correct ordering.


EPrints Release: 3.3.12

Server: RHEL 8.8


Many thanks,