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Re: [EP-tech] multilang fields in EPrints

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Thank you for the additional info, David.

Has anyone been able to generate a browse view based on Document language?

What would be the syntax for that?






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Subject: Re: [EP-tech] multilang fields in EPrints


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Hi Tomasz,

I will check to see if multilang fields without "multiple => 1", I assumed this would work but maybe there are issues, as I have not thoroughly tested the multilang field recently.

I don't expect the multilang fields to work particularly well for other export formats, as it is not used in any of the default metadata for EPrints.  This could certainly be implemented either by further improvements to the export plugins in the core codebase or by extending export plugins to better support multilang fields.  I assume by your reference to OAI-PMH you are looking at the Dublin Core and similar plugins to support the lang attribute.

That eptech thread about importing multilang field is rather tl;dr;.  I am not aware of any specific changes to multilang fields with relation to import in recent years.  I certainly have not been doing much work on multilang fields in EPrints 3.4 in recent releases.  I think you need to have a play with exporting and importing multilang fields and report back on your experience.  I could test this but I work just be doing this in a very generic way to confirm a basic multilang field can be exported and then imported and the data for this field in the record that was exported looks the same as the data for this field in the imported record.


David Newman

On 27/04/2023 10:55 pm, Tomasz Neugebauer via Eprints-tech wrote:

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

I’ve been working on recommendations for multilingual support in repositories through a COAR task force, and it’s partly in that context that I’m trying to understand where we’re at with EPrints when it comes to supporting multiple languages.

Specifically, I was wondering about multilingual metadata fields.

I see that we have some documentation here:


But when I tried to add a multilang field to see how and if that would work, I found that it did, when I used the “multiple” set to 1 (otherwise, there’s an error), like this:


    name => 'title_multilang',

    type => 'multilang',

            multiple => 1,

    fields => [


            sub_name => 'text',

            type => 'text',




In the EP3 XML export, that looked something like this:







But I didn’t find it in any other export format.

Am I correct in understanding that if I were to add multilingual metadata fields, I would also have to modify all of the export plugins’ code, including OAI-PMH, to export the multilingual fields correctly (i.e., along with the language name)?  Has this work been done already?


I also found this thread: https://www.eprints.org/eptech/msg05225.html

which suggested to me that multilingual fields cause problems when importing matadata. Have those issues been resolved since then (2015)? 


Thanks to anyone who has some experience or knowledge of this and other multilingual features in EPrints.







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