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[EP-tech] From URL/Capture from URL

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
How would I remove the "From URL/Capture from URL" feature from our EPrints instance?
Is there an option for that, or would I have to modify the core?

The "From URL"/"Capture from URL" feature that is a part of the Upload in the workflow is causing more problems than it's solving for us.  Any time a depositor uses that, they create a document that is problematic from the point of view of long term digital preservation and security, due to the fact that the document rendering is dependent on references to external domains as sources.


Tomasz Neugebauer
Digital Projects & Systems Development Librarian / Biblioth?caire des Projets Num?riques & D?veloppement de Syst?mes
Library / Biblioth?que
Concordia University / Universit? Concordia

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