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[EP-tech] From URL/Capture from URL

Hi Tomasz,

In a file in your archive's cfg/cfg.d/ directory (I would recommend 
plugins.pl) add:

$c->{plugins}{"Screen::EPrint::UploadMethod::URL"}{params}{disable} = 1;


David Newman

On 10/03/2023 9:26 pm, Tomasz Neugebauer via Eprints-tech wrote:
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> How would I remove the ?From URL/Capture from URL? feature from our 
> EPrints instance?
> Is there an option for that, or would I have to modify the core?
> The ?From URL?/?Capture from URL? feature that is a part of the Upload 
> in the workflow is causing more problems than it?s solving for us.? 
> Any time a depositor uses that, they create a document that is 
> problematic from the point of view of long term digital preservation 
> and security, due to the fact that the document rendering is dependent 
> on references to external domains as sources.
> Tomasz
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