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[EP-tech] GDPR issue: replace_core (to set export_as_xml => 0) no longer effective for contact_email in v3.4+?


we blocked privacy sensitive contact_email from being propagated by some 
plugins linked in the summary page. That no longer works in a simple 
manner in 3.4+, because replace_core field setting takes effect only for 
core fields ("provenance" => "core"), but contact_email now is defined 
in pub_lib/cfg.d/eprint_fields_common.pl which is why "provenance" is 
set to "config".

When I try to set export_as_xml => 0 for the fields, EPrints throws an 
error because of duplicate field eprint.contact_email.

The flag export_as_xml is evaluated in Plugins CSV and JSON and Simple. 
Lacking an idea for a better solution, I will now hack the 
eprint_fields_common.pl file in a way that is probably not update-safe.

I am afraid this needs to be done to make EPrints 3.4+ (closer to) GDPR 
compliant, does it?

Viele Gr??e

UB Heidelberg (Altstadt)
Pl?ck 107-109, 69117 HD
Abt. Informationstechnik