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[EP-tech] Pins & EPrints::Apache::Template

Hi All,

I've decided to go back and revisit pins to see how they work. Starting
with the "main" pin in my repository default template:

<epc:pin ref="page"/>

According to the EPrints wiki Aprints:Apachec:Template.pm is what I want to
look at. Going here I can see a sub:

sub handler {

This subroutine does STUFF to some filename and ends with a call to
"prepare_page" which I assume prepares the page.

Excuse me if this is really obvious or naive, but what causes "handler" to
be called in the first instance? I've done so many greps and searched
everywhere. I've even looked at bin/generate_static to see if that gives
any clues. The notes in this module indicate that it's ran on server
start-up, but does anybody know when "handler" is called? I want to see how
the filenames are passed to handler.

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