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Re: [EP-tech] EThOS webservice download tool

Works like a dream ;o)


I might not be the best person to say how it runs in general - hopefully others will have some feedback too.


I never got around to creating it as a Bazaar package (it was 7 years ago).

I've got some local customisations to it that might be of use (ordering of multiple files contained in the downloaded zip (e.g. vol.1 before vol.2); a maximum number of files that will be automatically extracted - sometimes there are *loads* of additional files/appendices; possibly other things).


If people are interested in a Bazaar packaged version, I could possibly make one (not this side of Christmas though).





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Subject: [EP-tech] EThOS webservice download tool


Hello everyone,


Does anybody know if the "EThOS webservice download tool" is still functional?


I've found the page for it after being directed there by the British Library download page, but I can't find it in the Bazaar if I go via the admin page on EPrints:



I thought it would be best to ask before I end up making some sort of horrendous mistake.