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[EP-tech] Open graph Tags

Hi All,

Has anybody attempted to use Open Graph tags in EPrints to facilitate
sharing links on social media?

I'm attempting it now and I can get it to work on EPrint abstracts, but not
on the repository home page. On the latter I'm getting a title different to
my test title and an image that isn't the one I stipulate.

For example, my Test versions of the og tags are:

<meta property="og:title"  content="zebra"/>
<meta property="og:image" content="

I have included these in my default.xml template. This allows the link to
be shown with the correct title and image for abstracts. Unfortunately it
doesn't work for the home page, so I inserted these tags into my
index.xpage which doesn't seem to have worked either. When sharing a link
to the home page it shows me the title of the page that exists between the
<title></title> tags in default.xml and the first image that occurs in

I've tried putting the OG tags in different places, restarting the server
after changes and removing the previously mentioned <title></title> tags to
see what happens and no success so I'm assuming it might be a quirk of
EPrints? Or am I putting these in the wrong place? I appreciate it's a
broad question as we all have different tags etc in our various files, but
if anybody can shed any light on this I would be really grateful.

When I started this earlier I thought it wouldn't take long as it's not
particularly difficult, how wrong I was!

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